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Tuck Under

These gates get their name because they tuck under the rear of the truck, typically after folding up the platform to make it smaller for storing. Platform sizes as large as 86" wide X 68" deep are available and capacities from 1500lbs to 5500lbs. Good when needing to interface with loading docks.


These liftgates are stored in a vertical position against the back of the truck. They can actually be used as the rear door, saving cost and shortening the loading/unloading cycle. A cantilever gate can also be tilted up or down to access loading docks higher or lower than the truck bed. Platform sizes up to 96" wide X 98" deep and capacities up to 4400lbs.


Railgates travel up and down on rails which are attached to the sides of the rear door frame. They store against the back of the truck like a cantilever gate but the bigger platform sizes fold into 2 halves so they can be lowered below the truck bed for dock loading. Big platform sizes available, up to 96" wide X 84" deep and capacities up to 6600lbs.


Perfect when you need a big platform and have to use loading docks. They are similar to a tuckunder because they are stored under the rear of the truck but because they can slide out there is room to fold up a bigger platform. Capacities up to 6600lbs and platforms as big as 96" wide X 82" deep.



Conveniently replaces your pickup tailgate with a liftgate for assistance with heavy items. Capacities up to 1500lbs and platform sizes as big as 55" wide X 48" deep.


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