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Arista is the best choice for platform bodies

Platform bodies are very versatile and can be configured many different ways to fit your specific application. Check out our platform gallery page for an overview of different styles or the Body Options tab below to see what components are available when designing a platform body. The How to Build tab can help you think about what options best fit your application and the Brands/Tech Specs tab contains brochures of the brands we offer.

Don’t see what you are looking for? No problem! There are many customers that have had our craftsmen build a custom platform body to their exact specifications. Either way, please feel free to navigate over to our contact information page to discuss your project.

Product Gallery

Product Detail

For a first-hand look at some of the product lines we offer, you can open up any of the following manufacturer brochures. Click on the image to open the PDF file, and once open you can easily save these brochures to your computer's hard drive.

Useful questions to ask yourself when considering a platform body purchase

When it comes time to think about purchasing a platform truck, you may find it helpful if you can answer a basic list of focused questions designed to help steer you through the decision making process. If you are thinking about a platform body purchase soon, try to have answers to these initial questions:

  • What chassis is the platform body going on?
  • What is your cargo size and weight?
  • How will you load and unload the cargo?
  • Will you need a liftgate?
  • Steel, aluminum or wood floor?
  • Any cargo anchor points in the floor?
  • Do you need tie rails along the sides?
  • Or ratcheting tie straps to hold the load?
  • And an underbody storage box to hold them?
  • Bulkheads are recommended for driver protection, how tall?
  • Is a retractable ladder or steps needed to help access the deck?
  • Would removable stake racks help contain cargo?
  • Bumper selections can include hitches and pintle hooks. Do you need this?
  • Will you need a trap door with a trailer ball for a gooseneck hitch?

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