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Refrigerated van bodies are very versatile and can be configured many different ways to fit your specific application. Check out our refrigerated body gallery page for an overview of different styles or the Body Options tab below to see what components are available when designing a refrigerated body. The “How to Build” tab can help you think about what options best fit your application and the “Brochures” tab contains additional information and dimensional specs.

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For a first-hand look at some of the product lines we offer, you can open up any of the following manufacturer brochures. Click on the image to open the PDF file, and once open you can easily save these brochures to your computer's hard drive.

Useful questions to ask yourself when considering a refrigerated van body purchase

When it comes time to think about van body options, you may find it helpful if you can answer a basic list of focused questions designed to help steer you through the decision making process. If you are thinking about a refrigerated van body purchase soon, try to have answers to these initial questions:

  • What will the cargo be?
  • What size is the cargo and what does it weigh?
  • What length, width and height will best accommodate the cargo?
  • Would attachment points in the floor or walls help secure the cargo?
  • Will a forklift be used to load or unload or a pallet jack, carts or two wheeled dolly?
  • What dock heights do you interface with?
  • Are vehicles loaded at dock height, the ground or both?
  • What temperature do you need to maintain inside, and are there multiple temps?
  • Is heating required to maintain temperature in colder weather?
  • Do you need electric standby power (can plug in when parked, reducing diesel use)?
  • How many hours a day will the truck be operating?
  • Rear and side door openings per day and the duration open in minutes?
  • Strip curtains on the doors can help keep cold air in when the door is open?
  • Refrigeration cut-out switches minimize drawing in warm air when doors are open?
  • Which sidewall construction best fits your application. Either aluminum, FRP (fiberglass Reinforced Plywood) or MorganPlate, which are bonded polyethylene and galvanized steel panels?
  • Four floor choices: flat and hat-section (ducted, so cold air can get under boxes) both available in a smooth or non-skid surface?
  • Does your cargo need additional 6″ rows of scuff protector to protect the sides?
  • Swing or rollup rear door (best for loading dock interface)?
  • Would a side door be helpful, what size, location and street side or curb side?
  • How many dome lights (regular or L.E.D.) are needed to properly light the body?
  • Would exterior work lights help in loading or unloading at night?
  • Should the rear bumper incorporate a step or trailer hitch?
  • Is a special color required or could graphics help turn your truck into a billboard?
  • Are there any height restrictions such as garage door heights?
  • Would a walkramp help facilitate loading or unloading?
  • Or would a power liftgate make more sense?
  • A body-mounted refrigeration service platform is very helpful for technicians.

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