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Arista if the best choice for Salt Spreaders

For years, Arista has partnered with WESTERN for salt spreaders. Our objectives have always been to offer equipment that helps customers succeed and give them a competitive edge in the market. As leaders in the salt spreader industry WESTERN is at the forefront of changing technology, to better meet customer’s needs and wants. Just like Arista, WESTERN stays in touch and in tune with customers to develop solutions and deliver ice control equipment that gets the job done right, the first time.

Western Tailgate Spreaders​

500 Tailgate Spreader

Tech Specs

1000 Tailgate Spreader

Tech Specs

2500 Tailgate Spreader

Tech Specs

Pro Flo 2 Spreader

Tech Specs

Western Hopper Spreaders

Ice Breaker

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Tech Specs

Henderson Hopper Spreaders


Reliable and rugged spreader fits any size pick-up. Installs almost instantly. Available in a variety of lengths with capacities to 4.0 cubic yards.


Compatible with all utility dump bodies. Built strong to handle the tough jobs. Quick and easy installation, removal and storage.


Built to master the elements in heavy-duty fashion. Available in three models and several capacities, this unit is ideal for municipalities and their demanding budgets.

Product Detail

For a first-hand look at some of the product lines we offer, you can open up any of the following manufacturer brochures. Click on the image to open the PDF file, and once open you can easily save these brochures to your computer's hard drive.


Useful questions to ask yourself when considering a spreader purchase

When it comes time to think about purchasing a plow, you may find it helpful if you can answer a basic list of focused questions designed to help steer you through the decision making process. If you are thinking about a plow purchase soon, try to have answers to these initial questions:

  • Know your job:  Are you spreading salt, de-icer, sand or combinations?
  • Know your truck: Are you looking at installing a spreader on a pick-up truck or a platform/dump truck?
  • How much capacity will you need? This will determine what size as well as what type of spreader to consider, tailgate or Hopper.
  • If you’re considering hopper (v-box) spreaders, are you interested in metal vs. poly?
  • How should you power the auger and spinner, with engine driven, electric or hydraulic drive?
  • What options might help me get the most out of my new spreader: hopper screens, inverted V’s, tie down kits, battery kits and covers to name a few?

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